Volta Mantovana - 19th April 2020

XXXIII National Clubshow and Club Championship 2020

The show will take place on


Sunday 19th April 2020


Via Boschi, 20 in località Volta Mantovana (MN) •  


Mrs J. King - Great Britain

males all classes - couple - progeny - Best in Show

Mr. M.J. Cole - Great Britain

females all classes – group – breeding group - Best in Show Puppy


08.00 Exhibitors access.  


09.15 Beginning of XXXII National Clubshow and  e Club Championship ANICC, President's speech, presentation of judges      


09.30 Judgements start (Non stop)   


16,00 Couples – Groups – Breeding groups – Progeny                              


16,30 Best in Show Puppy – Best in Show                       


17,00 Challenge Trophy “Carmen Sylva Serandrei” assignment          

17,15 End of XXXIII National Clubshow and  e Club Championship ANICC                         

The place will be provided with a large green space a structure that completely covered the show, bar and lunch, and if you want, suitable overnight accomodation.